Gold plating

Gold plated stainless steel surface without a nickel interlayer

Gold (Au) is one of the most important precious metal coatings in the electronics industry. Gold plating is an excellent choice for components that require good corrosion resistance. With the electroplated gold, for example, the solderability and electrical conductivity of the connectors remain considerably better, as the coating prevents oxidation of the plated part. The infrared reflectivity property of gold is one of the best among metals. This feature is utilized e.g. environmental technology measuring devices.

Gold can be plated directly on most electrically conductive materials. However, the surface treatment of some metals, such as stainless and acid-resistant steel, aluminum, magnesium, chromium, titanium, and tungsten, requires special methods and intermediate coatings.

Eforit has been performing demanding gold plating work for more than 30 years and has developed innovative coating solutions for the technology industry. We offer the most diverse selection of electroplated gold coatings in Finland.

Nickel interlayers are commonly used to coat stainless steel with gold. However, due to its magnetic and hypersensitivity properties, nickel cannot be used in certain applications. Eforit offers gold-plated stainless and acid-resistant steel without a nickel interlayer.

Gold electroplating on a nickel layer

The gold coating is selected according to the properties required for each application.
We offer the following gold coatings:

Hard gold:

  • The gold content of the coating is about 99.8 %
  • About 0.15 to 0.20 % of cobalt co-precipitates, which gives the coating hardness
  • The hardness is about 150 HV (Vickers)
  • Recommended for applications requiring a reasonable wear and tear
  • The most widely used gold plating.

Soft gold:

  • The gold content of the coating is about 99.9 %
  • The hardness is about 90 to 100 HV
  • Used e.g. in electronic joints where the components are connected to each other by ultrasonic welding, so-called bonding method.
  • The name bonding gold is also used


The NanoDAu™ gold plating can extend the service life and life cycle of equipment, bringing significant savings and technical benefits to both customers and the environment.

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