Eforit Oy has provided coating and consultancy services to the technology industry for over 30 years. Plating metals is a process where the end result is influenced by the base material of an object being coated, groundwork and good plating process management above all. Products plated by us can be found in space and in the depths of the oceans – environments where only the most professionally and carefully made platings guarantee a longer lifecycle for the product.

With our expertise we can offer your company the best plating solutions.



Gold Plating

An exelent choice for components that require good corrosion resistance, IR reflectivity or appearance.

Silver Plating

Owns the best electrical and thermal conductivity properties of metals in addition to their beautiful color. Highly solderable and antibacterial coating.

Rhodium Plating

Hard and durable coating for parts exposed to extreme conditions, eg exposed to corrosive gases. Good IR reflectance, and also an impressive jewelry coating.

Platinum Plating

Durable, catalytic coating suitable for e.g. coating electronics, research instruments and jewelry.

Nickel Plating

Nickel is one of the most widely used metals in surface treatment due to its good technical and decorative properties.

Indium Plating

Very soft, easily malleable metal with a low coefficient of friction. Shiny, silver-white metal.

Eforit Oy has studied the effect of nanodiamonds in gold plating electrolysis and developed a NanoDAu ™ bath in which nanotiamond particles substantially improve the durability of a normal hard gold coating *. Up to half the layer thicknesses achieve the same corrosion and wear resistance properties.

NanoDAu ™ gold coating extends the service life and life cycle of the devices. It brings significant technical benefits and savings from both a customer and environmental perspective.

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* Tampere University of Technology: NanoDAu™ test results

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