Precious metal coatings are often the best solution to special applications in science.

The starting points for coating scientific equipment and their selection are often the same as for coatings used in industry. Many scientific research equipment requires high-tech coatings with special properties for special applications. Precious metal coatings are often the best solution to meet the high standards.

Developing the right coating process is very challenging in some cases. Eforit has participated in several scientific research and development projects with many companies and research institutes. Thanks to our extensive and versatile expertise in surface treatment technology, we help to find coating technology solutions for the customer’s best interests.

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In space

We received one of the most historic assignments from VTT, for which they had to look for a performer all the way from the USA: according to the exact specifications of the gold plating of two aluminum hemispheres (picture below). The objects belonged to the Cassini and Huygens spacecrafts, which unique research data adds the knowledge of Saturn and its moon, Titan – our entire solar system. Since this project, Eforit has also been involved in many other projects related to space technology, such as SOHO (solar research) and BepiColombo (Mercury probes).

Tieteessä sovellukset vaativat erityispinnotteitaGold plated parts of the spacecraft in the 1994

In the environment

Slowing down climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry and Finland is one of the leading environmental technology developers in the world. Among other things, we coat the optical reflectors of flue gas analyzers with durable precious metal coatings. We also coat components related to many other research and development projects, such as cryogenic devices capable of near-absolute zero. The first commercial quantum computer of the world contains parts plated in Eforit.

In the depths

We have developed a highly durable gold plating for stainless steel. The gold plated slides ensure reliable operation of the valves of the oil pumps operating in the depths of the oceans in extreme conditions.

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