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Summer 2019 holidays standard

Dear Customer!

Warm summer breezes are blowing at last, but our coating work will continue normally except for the period from 15 to 28 July 2019, when we will only carry out maintenance work. We hope that you will take note of this when dispatching parts for surface treatment.
In urgent cases, please contact info (at) eforit.fi or phone.

Wishing a sunny and rewarding summer

Eforit staff


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Cassini-Huygens made a spaceresearch history! standard

One of the largest and most significant research projects in space history has ended:

For nearly twenty years, Cassini’s journey has been tracked like a thrill movie in the form of information and stunningly beautiful images it has sent. Cassini-Huygens was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida early on the morning of October 15, 1997.

It was and still is the most expensive spacecraft of all time. The joint venture between NASA, the European Space Agency ESA and the Italian Space Administration cost nearly four billion dollars.

Finland participated in the implementation of the Cassin CAPS plasma spectrometric IBS ionic spray spectrometer and the CAPS rotary machine, the MIMI/LEMMS rotary machine and the Huygens HASI gas beacon instrument and radio altimeter.

Also our company had the honour to participate in Cassini’s successful journey by coating three series of two large hemispheres with pure gold in accordance with accurate NASA-specific specs and strict special requirements for evaluation, product development, and final flight version. These included, among others, highly demanding thermal cycles, uniformity of coating, adhesion and antimagnetism.

The author was searched around the world, and finally found us – Eforit Oy in Finland

Thank you again for the confidence and success in creating new, legendary projects!

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The future of Surface Finshing industry is in the hands of young professionals! standard

It is important to offer high standard and motivating education from the field of surface treatment to the young students as well as to recognize their skills at the beginning of their early career. Eforit Oy decided to encourage the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in material- and surface engineering students by awarding a scholarship to the most meritated student of the class. The year 2016 scholarship was solemnly handed at the schools closing ceremony to a fresh Engineer Henri Lottonen. The choice was made by Lecturer Arto Yli-Pentti.

Warm congratulations to Henri and all the graduated students of year 2016!

Photo 17.6.2016 10.18.43

In the picture from left: Marketing Manager Sari Virta (Eforit Oy), fresh Engineer Henri Lottonen, Development engineer Lauri Virta (Eforit Oy) and Lecturer Arto Yli-Pentti (Metropolia University of Apllied Sciences).

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