About Us


Our company has operated in the field of surface treatment for nearly 30 years. After moving to our present and much larger facilities in the year 2016, we have been able to offer even more versatile and efficient services to our customers.

Our team consists of seven professionals, who master all the different processes required for surface treatment.


From chasing neon lights to efficient environmental technology – a quarter of a century of Power to Plating!

The history of our company begins in 1963, when Kirsti and Torsti Virta founded Oy Eforit Ab. At that time, the company’s line of business was importing electrical appliances and equipment, such as the hottest novelty of the 1960’s – the first chasing neon lights.

In 1987, the company experienced a change in ownership and field of business when Lauri and Soile Virta decided to continue the family business by offering metal plating services. The strong growth of the technology industry allowed Eforit to specialize in precious metal platings.

Eforit’s special expertise and versatile selection of services have facilitated the R&D projects of numerous substantial companies. Find out more information about our business partners in our references.

In time the torch will be passed on to the next generation; siblings Ville, Sari and Vesa Virta, who all have extensive training and decades of experience in the field. They share a desire to carry on with the family business and increase the use and understanding of metal plating as a part of the ecological life cycle of different products.

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